Martini Meinreiss – Cannafest 2017

Martini Meinreiss – Cannafest 2017 For a long time i have already been invested in a noticeable alter in German medication policy. In 2015, We founded the very first local workplace for the German Hemp Association. Since then, i have already been devoting myself to legalization that is full-time holding speakswith representatives from all parties, informing regarding the street, keeping lectures and being invited to conversation sessions. We arranged a multi-day meeting in Erlach, the 4th time the GMM in Augsburg and different occasions on the main topic of cannabis. My concern is more lobbying in politics, additionally for A european level. Therefore I do not just communicate with people in the Bundestag as well as the European Parliament, but In addition attempt to speak to the conservative politicians. One outcome is, as an example, the function “Legalize it?”

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